05 August 2014

What Happens in Clarens?

Jerome - What happens in Clarens stays in Clarens as Day 1 of The Great Sani Pass Adventure begins with a long ride down to Clarens. Magda and I decided to ride down to Sani Pass while the others would leave the next day with the support vehicles. The plan was that we would meet up along the way to Underburg somewhere either at Escort or somewhere there abouts. You can read my full account of the day here.

Jerome, Paulo, Magda, Martin

Jerome - It is after this first leg that the name Posers was born. Paulo and Martin decided to join us for the down leg to Underburg but that night in Clarens they changed their minds and decided to turn back earlier. Now I wonder if it was the cold or the lack of balls, uhmmm.

Paulo with a device to measure uhmmm... 

Magda - The big balls story actually started off in Clarens on the way to Sani, but Paulo, myself, Martin and Jerome made a pact that what happens in Clarens stays in Clarens. All I can say is that Jerome nearly ended up with Elsa, the owner of the pub in Clarens, Paulo was laughing so much he was continually crying with tears streaming down his face and Martin had us all in stitches again as soon as we recovered and caught breath again.


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