Martin the Head Poser
Vespa GTS300 Super
Only rides on weekends and is one of the original posers.

Paulo the Spiritual Leader
Vespa GT200L, KTM
Also one of the originals. Always seen dressed to kill with his branded clothing when on Esmeralda but is always fashionably late.

Magda the Brave
Vespa GTS300 Super
Martin's right hand or should it be the other way round as she wears pants. Rides through rain and snow.

Jerome on a coke and a chocolate bar
Vespa ET4, Vespa GTS300 Super
Jerome the one with gumption and who gets things done, happy to ride without breakfast on just a coke and a chocolate bar to the ire of Paulo. The funster, photographer, prolific blogger, facebooker and daring stuntmaster of the group who rides the smallest cc Vespa but is never far behind - his motto is ... only posers brake on downhills.

Marlene the Adventurer 
Vespa P150X, BMW F650GS
Not afraid of of getting down and dirty. Always found playing in the mud.

Charlie with Wings
Vespa GTS250ie, Vespa P200X, Vespa ET2
Can been seen flying through the air on a street near you.

Maye the Lonewolf
Vespa GTS250
Not afraid of distance

Honorable Posers
Thinus the Faithful Supporter - BMW R1200GS


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I could get a nice old classic Vespa that I can fix up

Jerome West said...

Try Scoots in Fourways, Johannesburg

Unknown said...

Hi, Does anyone know a good mechanic/restorer to take a 1979 P200e for some tlc - both mechanical and cosmetic?

Jerome West said...

James, there used to be Scoots in Fourways but it looks like they closed down now. Depends where you based as there are a small number scattered around.

Wynandt Verster said...

Do you guys do get-togethers? My pony is a 250 GTS 2009 and I don't slow down for speed bumps.

Jerome West said...

We used to do get togethers often but lately (this year) we have only got together once. I think we better do another soon.

Anonymous said...

hi. us ladies would like to start a scooter club, it seems very difficult to get this sorted any ideas, not necessarily vespa,,,jy

Magda Bakker said...

Jerome I will miss you. I think I will always carry so mamy images of you with me in my mind....on top of a Vespa legs flung wide grinning. We had so much fun together, we did The Mile (a thousand miles), Sani Pass and Breedsnek, Dullstroom and Baviaanskloof and many other numerous rides together. You taught me to ne brave and have fun on my Vespa. It really is so very sad that the one of us who lived life to the fullest and was so exited about just living it, is the one whose life was cut so short so untimely. The Posers feels empty with the knowledge that we will not ride together again in this dimension. Ciao Jerome.

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