04 August 2014

Vespas in the Mud

Jerome - Within 2 months our dreams of conquering Sani Pass had become a solid reality with the target date set in just over 3 months’ time, training began in earnest.

Left to Right: Marlene PX150, Jerome ET4 150, Magda GTS250ie, and Charlie GTS250ie

Charlie and Jerome the Vespa Ninjas

 Magda - Preparation for Sani took place at Breedsneck Pass near Hartebeespoortdam. Marlene felt that the terrain would make good practice ground for the rocky inclines of Sani and she was right. Just getting to Breedsneck Pass itself was challenging in itself as the back route on a farm road to there was quite muddy.

Jerome - Muddy wasn’t the right word for it as it has been raining for weeks leading up to today and there was more mud than Glastonbury. Sophia in the mud with me.

Mud Glorious mud.

Jerome - Is this mud ever going to end? But thankfully it did end as the mud was replaced with rocks. The end of the rocks couldn't have come any sooner as the road started climbing up over the Magaliesberg Mountains at the Breedsneck Pass. 

Jerome on the Rocks

Dudley and our Support Vehicle

Marlene, Charlie, Magda, and Jerome at the top of Breedsneck Pass


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