30 March 2012

Vespa 946 Quarantasei

Previously I posted the Vespa 2012 roundup at the end of last year. One of Vespa's displayed was the Vespa Quarantasei now known as the Vespa 946. This sexy Vespa 946 aka Quarantasei which means 46 in Italian, has being confirmed for the North American market late 2012 or even 2013. The Vespa 946 represents the new generation of Vespa scooters.

Sounding like a Porsche 946, the Vespa 946 will be way much cooler with a choice of 125 and 150cc single cylinder 3 valve air-cooled powerplants. Piaggio claims that the 125cc produces a maximum output of 11.7hp at 8250rpm and the 150cc version 13hp at 8000rpm.


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