24 March 2012

Soweto in a Vespa

A number of Vespa heads decided to head out to Soweto, Johannesburg for a morning ride in the sun. And what fun did we have with 15 Vespas, 6 LMLs and 1 Lambretta, not to mention a huggle of other bikes joined us.
Filling up our babies before heading West then South
Meeting up with the West Rand Chapter
Heading South

Caught up to a large group of Hogs who weren't too impressed with us hogging their turf

Finally on the highway

Then off to ride pass Soccer City

And then into Soweto proper

One LML's accelerator cable broke about here and with a Vespa escorting they headed back north

Finally drinking beers in Vilakazi Street, the one street where two Nobel Peace Prize winners stayed, Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. 

Below are all the scoots except the two which headed back

We ate lunch at Winnie Mandela's family restaurant and 
even Winnie herself came round to look at our scoots.

Then we headed for Lebo's Soweto Backpackers Hostel

After beers we then headed back home

This is Lebo on his Gomotor

And finally till next time, happy scootering....


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