02 December 2011

Vespa 2012

With 2011 coming to an end, Vespa did well with the re-introduction of its iconic PX 150, bringing back the classic Vespa shape packed with up to date technology. Even though it has a 2 stroke motor, the 2 smoker meets all the European emission standards.

With Italy reeling from the current economic crash and Piaggio's stock exchange figures are falling so fast that we can only wonder if Vespa can survive. But Vespa has been here before and have managed to turn it all around. And now the news is coming out that Piaggio will be re-entering the Indian market which hopefully may help.

So what does Vespa's 2012 line up look like? As you can notice no 250's and I am not sure if the rumours of a 350cc Vespa is true but I will keep my ears peeled. Please note that not all these models will be brought in by Vespa South Africa.

Vespa GTS 300 Super Sport and Vespa GTS 125 Super Sport

Vespa GTS 300 IE

Vespa GTS 300 Touring

Vespa GTV 300 Vie della Moda and Vespa GTV 125 Vie della Moda

Vespa LXV 300 Vie della Moda and Vespa LXV 125 Vie della Moda

Vespa Quarantasei 150 and Vespa Quarantasei 125

Vespa PX 150

Vespa S 150, Vespa S 125, Vespa S 50 4V and Vespa S 50 2V

Vespa LX 150 Touring, Vespa LX 125 Touring and Vespa LX 50 Touring


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