30 November 2011

Vespa our Ride

This what it is all about, Vespas. Last year Saatchi & Saatchi won the Print Ad of the Year in the Philippines for their Vespa Our Ride print advertising campaign. As a poser, I can relate the poems set on black & white photographs and want to share this great series with my fellow posers the perfection of riding a Vespa.

The first one I am not too sure as I don't think that riding pinion is that great but I would rather ride with the one I love on his or her own Vespa next to me. Two Vespas on the open road, what more can a poser ask for?

Vespa Behind
She was behind me when I started the band. Behind me when I won my first fight. Behind me when I aced my exams. Behind me when I turned down college. Behind me when I got our record deal. Behind me when I chose not to fight. Behind me when I quit the band. Behind me when I took the job. Behind me when he parents weren't. Behind me when I wanted a small wedding. Behind me when I wanted a big party. Behind me when I wanted a 52" screen. Behind me when I mortgaged the house. Behind me when I had the operation. Behind me when my father died. Behind me when my partners split. Behind me when I nearly quit. Behind me when I restored the business. Behind me when I re-formed the band. Behind me when I overtook the bus.

The next one I read it as me and my Vespa against the world.

Vespa Against
It's been you and me against our parents. Against the curfews. Against the uniforms. Against the teachers. Against the computer. Against the system. Against the mice. Against the landlord. Against Nietzsche. Against theory. Against the bulldozers. Against the police. Against a big church. Against tradition. Against the casino. Against the house-colour. Against preservatives. Against love-handles. Against a big baptism. Against her autism. Against car pollution. Against the wind.

Well what can I say about Vespa Hate other than she'll make a good poser.

Vespa Hate
 She hated the flowers. She hated the bar. She hated the crowd. She hated the cocktails. She hated my jokes. She hated the theatre. She hated the seats. She hated the show. She hated the restaurant. She hated our table. She hated the waiter. She hated the wine. She hated the food. She hated the club. She hated the music. She hated to dance. She hated the stroll. She hated her heels. She hated the ice cream. She hugged me all the way home.

Vespa is meant to be FREE, not sitting in a garage waiting for weekends. Embrace your Vespa today.

Vespa Embrace
I embrace him when he's happy. Sad. Moody. Mad. Indecisive. Rash. Insecure. Brash. Confident. Cocky. Erratic. Steady. Brave. Timid. Outgoing. Inhibited. Weak. Strong. Right. Wrong. Calm. Slow. 70 miles per hour.

And after all that poetry in motion the next advert is not from the series but it is also one that I had to share. I want a Vespa GTS 300 Super, the most powerful Vespa ever that is until the rumored 350 comes along ;-)


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