03 September 2014

The Dakar Rally by Vespa

The Dakar Rally is probably one of the most punishing off road motor races of all time if not the most dangerous. It started way back in 1979 from Paris to Dakar then later in 2009 the continent was changed from Europe-Africa to South America because of terrorist intimidations. In the motorcycle category, most people are aware of the dominance of the KTM off road bikes but few even know that this race had already being conquered by the Vespa.

Way back in 1980, 4 Vespa PX200 entered the 2nd Paris-Dakar Rally, although only 2 reached the finish line. Okay that was before the KTM came to power but that was a 2 out of 4 finish which was a 50% compare that to the overall stats 79 out of 211 vehicles crossed the finished line making that only 37%. Yes mad but reliable so there you go to all those BMW and KTM riders out there.



Unknown said...

Dakar with scouters? lol I think it much more better the regular one with the cars. Here I found some awesome videos - http://dreamracer.tv/

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