05 September 2014

Dakar Vespa Challenge

While doing research on the 1980 Paris-Dakar Rally, I came across the Vespa Dakar Challenge and it instantly went onto my wish list as it reminded me of our own Poser adventures of the Breedsneck Pass Bootcamp in the mud, the Sani Pass Adventure in the snow, and the Baviaanskloof Expedition in the wilderness, that I want more.

This group our adventurers did the Vespa Dakar Challenge in 2012 and will be doing it again this month, 30 Vespas are leaving Barcelona on the 21 September 2014, so please follow their 20 day adventure, 4000km to Dakar across Morocco, Mauritania, and Senegal. In the shadow of the high peaks of the Atlas Mountains, through royal cities, from to oasis to oasis through the Mauritanian desert dunes, to finally arriving at the legendary sub Saharan city of Dakar. These adventurers are not professional factory riders, Paris-Dakar racers, nor freaks, but ordinary people who have one thing in common, a passion for Vespa and adventure in the purest form. I agree, like our poser adventures of the past this what it is all about, now I want in.


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