23 January 2017

Vespa Elettrica

Wow, my first post of 2017 and sadly no posts during 2016. Well I have been very busy last year and I think it is about time I rejuvenate this little blog of ours again. I have been following with interest the evolution of the electric scooter for some time now and even wrote the article BMW C Evolution 2016 way back in 2015. Sadly as far as I know it has not reach the sunny shores of South Africa yet.

At the Eicma motocycle show in Milan in November 2016, Piaggio unveiled their electric scooter project, the Vespa Elettrica. Not much is known about this e-Vespa, but it is expected to be available in Europe about the middle of 2017.

So watch this space, as I bring you more on scooters in Africa and don’t hold your breath for an electric scooter here any time soon.


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