30 June 2015


Wow, half the year is gone already and I haven't even posted anything. Oh better start rectifying this. Anyway this post below is from our embedded Poser in Mozambique.

Forget to let you guys on this stickers that I found deep down in the engine bay of my beloved Vespa. Was drying things after a good wash, and came across this sticker. Mmmm…interesting.


Floor mats will scratch your floor. Top cases are huge and offensive but you might want them anyway. Don’t expect Harley riders to return a wave. Don’t ride with flip flops or sandals on your feet. But riding with flip flops or sandals on your feet is still safer than riding with flip flops or sandals on your feet combined with white socks. Stop asking what oil to use. It is in the manual. You may mentioned something about the Wooden Vespa as soon as Justin Bieber enters puberty. Which is to say never. Read the original post before you add your own post. And before you post, consider just walking away.


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