15 July 2014

LML Star Euro 150 Automatic

I was excited last year when LML launched an automatic scooter at Milan and now after a year I am a little concerned with LML's choice of placing their new Star Euro 150 Automatic or Gearless solely for men. Are they saying men only ride automatic scooters? If so then who rides the geared Vespas? I am sure my Vesparado friends will object to not being men, so would all the lady Vespa riders that I know of. 

LML state that the automatic scooter is the 2nd fastest segment in the 2 wheel category of their domestic market. To them the automatic scooter clientele comprises mostly of college students, women and older people and very few real men hence the change of marketing tack from the below type of advertisement to the shocking adverts shown above.

I wonder if we are going to see the LML Star Euro 150 Automatic in South Africa any time soon. Although the power is less than its main rival, the Vespa LX150, it fits neatly among the other Chinese contenders of the Big Boy, Gomoto, Jonway, Motomia and Zest 150 scooters. Will the Indian rebel be more popular than the Chinese flood and become a true rival to the Vespa LX150?


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