17 December 2013

Vespa 2014

With the eTolls implemented in Gauteng, and majority of the Highways becoming Payways, the daily commuters have to either tighten their belts or take to the side roads. Commuters in other cities won't be spared either as this corrupted eToll system will be implemented in Cape Town and Durban too.

With the clogged side roads, will 2014 be the year we see a shift to the motorcycle mode of transport? In preparation, this year we saw Vespa SA bring in the new 3 valve 150cc motor and the eye candy Quarantasei 946.

So what does Vespa's 2014 line up look like? Although only the 125cc Vespa 946 landed on our sunny shores, will we see the 946 with the 150cc 3 valve motor purring inside or even the all new Primavera?

Vespa GTS 300 se Super Sport and Vespa GTS 300 ie

Vespa GTV 300 ie

Vespa 946

Vespa Primavera

Vespa PX 150

Vespa LXV 150 ie

Vespa LX 150 ie

Vespa S150 se Sport and Vespa S 150 ie


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