07 March 2013

Johannesburg to Maputo

Two friends of the Posers, Louw and Yiull, with 4 others did a trip down to Maputo and back to Johannesburg via Swaziland on scooters. Here is a time lapse video of the event. Look out for Yiull's Disco Ball, a PX200 covered in 40kg of mirrored mosaic tiles.


Andrewkcoles said...

Hi Jerome, I have just bought myself a scooter and am very keen to do a trip like yours to Mozambique. Could you give me details as to where you stayed and the route you took. How long did it take?

Jerome West said...

Hi Andrew, this Mozambique was done by friends of the Posers. I will ask Yiull or Louw to answer this comment. Or maybe Paulo could answer as he now stays in Mozambique.

Jerome West said...

Andrew, Louw suggests that you rather give him a call as it will take a very long time to write down what the trip exactly encompassed! His number is 082 908 1963

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