12 November 2012

Full of Beans

One of the latest mobile food units seen puttering around Johannesburg is the Mobean 1. The company, Full of Beans, was launched by Brazilian Marcio in 2007 when he saw a gap in the market for an upmarket food vending unit.

The Mobean 1 took 9 months of restoration after deciding on the lowest carbon footprint unit early in 2011 and now this is what we have, the cute Mobean 1. It started life as a Piaggio APE but instead of the old 2 stroke motor, a new 4 stroke 395cc Biodiesel engine was sourced from India. Although I am not 100% sure the make of the engine, I think it is the Greaves Cotton GL-400.

We at the Posers Scooter Club wish Marcio all the best on his new venture. See Facebook page, Full of Beans Mobile Coffee Service.


Unknown said...

The new invention of biodiesel engine would definitely help us in maintaining the eco friendly environment.

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