10 September 2012

Iron Butt Award on a Vespa

Finally, we have further proof that nothing is too difficult or beyond the reach of the humble Vespa. The idea of the 'Iron Butt Award' is, in principal, to cover a distance of 1000miles (or 1600km for us 'metric' bunch) within a 24 hour period. If you work that out, taking into account roads conditions, traffic, fuel stops and the like, you have to maintain a steady rate of knots in order to achieve it. In fact, without any stops, which would be impossible, you would still need to maintain an average of 66.66km/h!

The issue of 'saddle burn' or the numbness in your lower extremities is another chapter all on its own! Luckily... a soothing product is apparently available in the US market.

I'm happy to relay to you that this has been done, several times, on a Vespa! Take this chap below, in the United States, for instance. He set out on his GT200 one cold morning at 3.24am and returned 18hours and 40 minutes later, having covered a total distance of 1031.4miles (or 1650.24km)!

We congratulate the tenacity and will power of these 'hard core' Vespistas that set out to continuously push the limits of common perception of the humble Vespa. Yeah!

(Posted by Paulo)


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